Erasmus in Bergamo pt.3

I have noticed that the article about me announcing that I was going in Erasmus in Bergamo last year has aroused interest in some of you. 
Now that I am living there, i'm going to continue this article.

 I arrived in Bergamo end of August, by car, but you can aswell get there by plane ( ryanair airport, Orio Al Serio, and they have really cheap fares) or by Milan, with a regional train.

Bergamo is a really quiet and peaceful city. The architecture and the buildings are amazing, and even now, when i'm wandering in the streets, i keep being impressed and suprised! It's relatively small , and you can basically walk everywhere. They have great facilities, great transport hub, cool museums, shopping malls, plenty of restaurants and monuments. Oh, and a thousand churches. If being awaken at 8 is not a problem to you, then Bergamo is what you need!

The city is divided in two : upper town and lower town. Bergamo is located on a hill, and historically, the upper town was the only town, surrounded by ancient walls. You can still hear at 22 o clock the hundred bell rings that would announce the closing of the gates of the city.  Anyway, the upper town is really old, and is a complete cliché of Italia : small colourful streets, shops, arts and crafts, churches, and a castle. 

Talking about the university, i'm currently studying Economia in the Università Degli Studi Di Bergamo. The university is actually quite big, and has, don't get me wrong, 5 campuses in the whole city. 3 of them are in the upper town, and two in the lower town. And another one in Dalmine. Hopefully i have all my clases in the lower town! I totally would'nt be able to climb that hill everyday..

The erasmus community is about a hundred people, and it is well entertained by the main erasmus associations there. Even though the city is not really for young people, we can still find many places to party or have a drink.

For more day-to-day pictures of the life in Bergamo, do not hesitate to follow my Instagram !

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  1. Tu me fais rêver Ombeline :)


    Coline ♡

  2. C'est magnifique, tu dois en prendre plein les yeux tous les jours chanceuse :)

  3. J'ai définitivement besoin de voyager ! Les photos donnent envie !


  4. Ca me fait rêver! qu'est-ce que c'est beau!

    New on Taimemode:

    Jumper worn as a dress!


  5. Ohlala tes photos sont très chouettes et donne envie d'évasion...

    Ines /

  6. wow such a beautiful city!i've only been at bergamo airport so i couldn't see the city! i follow u :-)

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