Kitsuné x Aigle

Europe's most famous season will be starting soon : the period of music festivals.
Every year,during spring and summer, around the continent, worldwide famous festivals are taking place, with very known musician, djs , thousands of people, campings, and... rain.
Yes, because, most of them are in northern Europe, and summer is not that time of the year with sunny , hot days with girls in bikinis.Nope. It's more about rain, mud and dirt.
Being myself an festival-holic, every year goes the same question : what do I bring to the festival, what do I wear, due to these terrific condtions?
Plastic boots and a rain proof coat...
And there's the deal : how to look fashionable ?

Well, recently, Kitsuné answered my question, by collaborating with Aigle, famous french brand of outdoor clothing and rubber craftsmanship experts.
Named the Festival Outdoor kit, is is basically a panoply comprising a Gore-Tex unisex poncho and a pair of boots, all flocked with the Kitsuné colours.

Available spring 2013 at Kitsuné.com

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