Sporty Tuesday

As you may have noticed, i mainly post my outifts on a tuesday, so stay tuned!

I always thought that the 2012's sporty tendency was not to employ head to toe. Keep some of the pieces, and combine them , i say. Buy some sneakers, a jogging, a cap, but never ever wear them together.
Here's what i do , i try to break these grungy-boyish sneakers with a lipstick, and a skirt. But not any skirt, a leather one, to fit in the tendency. And because i can't get enough of leather.
Add to the mixture a jeweled-fisherman alike sweater, and that's it, you're a 10/10.

Sweat - Pimkie
Leather Skirt - Topshop
Sneakers - Sandro
Lipstick - Kiko